Winter is a good time for pruning!

You may not believe it, but winter is a great time for pruning!  The trees are less affected by pruning cuts because most trees are dormant or are growing slowly.  Here is how we conduct our winter pruning!

  1. Excessive pruning will slow the growth of your tree, our licensed tree expert will know exactly how much to prune!  Remember, trees rely on leaves for food and growth
  2. By knowing the natural shape and potential size of the tree we will be able to decide what to cut
  3. We will look at the whole tree before and between cuts; locate and preserve the main leader and strongest branches
  4. We will look to remove the following:
    1. Competing leaders
    2. Dead or diseased branches
    3. Broken branches
    4. Water sprouts
    5. Suckers
  5. We will enhance the trees natural shape, eliminate crossing, rubbing or any that distract from the tree's natural form
  6. By making small, clean cuts, we will help tree's healing process
  7. We will avoid leaving stubs which would invite decay and disease