Yes, We Will Remove the Stump

This is one of the top questions we are asked - How will you remove the stump?  We understand home owners not only want or need the tree removed, but they do not want to have a stump in the middle of their yard.  It can look obtrusive, and even be dangerous.  This slow-mo video will show you exactly how our stump grinder works.


What's a Knuckleboom?

Ever wonder what equipment we use to help us do our job? We pride ourselves in how well kept and maintained our equipment is, without it we would not be able to our job.  This video shows how we utilize our Knuckleboom. 


Poison Ivy Can't Stop Us!

A recent client was looking to have 6 trees removed so they could put a in-ground pool in, just in time for summer!  2 days, 6 trees and a lot of poison ivy - but we got the job done, and no one from our crew got poison ivy.


100 Foot Norway Spruce

See how Pine Valley Tree Service took down a 100 foot Norway Spruce.  Many of our clients ask us how we do what we do - what will their yard look like when we are done - and even how do remove the stump - this video will show you exactly how we work!