Top Tips for Hiring a Tree Service

1) Proof of Certification or Experience

When looking for a tree service why settle with an unreliable and unaccredited company. Look for a company with proper certifications and experience.  Examples of certification would be Licensed Tree Expert, Certified Tree Care Safety Professional , or an ISA Certified Arborist.

2) Look for Reviews and Past Jobs

Positive reviews about a company can help you decide what's best for your property. Reviews may push you in the right direction to where you'll know what the customer service, care and quality is all about.

3) Topping is for Ice-Cream Not for Trees

You may like your ice-cream with toppings but your trees may think otherwise. Discovering what topping techniques your tree service uses could be all the difference.  Topping creates poor attachment growth and can cause issues in the future.

4) Request up-to-date Proof of Insurance

When looking at proof of insurance ensure that the customer name is on it, it has a current date and accurate policy number. You may request a proof of insurance for each job that the company is completing.

5) Request List of References

There is nothing like seeing a finished product in person. Visiting recent job sites, and asking for a list of references, should give all the understanding of what the service is all about. 

6) Ask How Long the Project Will Take

Knowing a time frame of how long the project will take can be very helpful, also ask if you need to be present while they're working.

7) When Pruning Trees, Do They Use Spikes

Using spikes can create wounds that lead to unwanted fungus and sprout growth. These sprouts can produce unnatural branches that effect the tree later in its maturing process.  Spikes should only be used on dead trees!

8) Ask About There Safety Standards

Safety is a huge part of the tree service business. Correct safety measures will help keep you and your property secure!  Ask what safety procedures they have in place.